Vol. 9 Num. 2 2017

Laboratory Observations of the Veronicellid Slug Biology Laevicaulis stuhlmanni aegypti Ali & Robinson, A new Subspecies and Record in Egyptian Agro-system
Reham Fathey Ali

Effects of Dehydroepiandrosterone on Gross Morphology and Behavior of Perimenopausal Rats
Faten S. Abo-Zeid, Nagui H. Fares, Yomna I. Mahmoud, Asmaa A. Mahmoud

Efficacy of Moringa oleifera Aqueous Extract in Inhibiting Tamoxifen®-Induced Physiological Hepatic Deterioration in Male Albino Rats
Essawy A., Beeker H.M., Abdel-Wahhab K.G., Sayad O.N., Saber S.R.

Rat Damage Assessment and Evaluation of some Methods of Control for Rattus rattus on Date Palm and Orange Trees in New Reclaimd Land
Randa A. Kandi and Ahmed H.A. A.

Ameliorative effects of Nigella sativa and vitamin E on the toxicity induced by liver extract of Lagocephalus spadiceus in male Albino rats
Muhammad M. A. Salman, Naglaa R. A. Kasem, Shaymaa D. Sh. Mohareb and Atef M. Khalil

Ecological Notes on Snake Diversity in Tathleeth District, Aseer Region, Southwest of Saudi Arabia
Abdulaziz R. M. Alqahtani

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