Vol. 7 Num. 1 2015

Effect of zearalenone (Mycoestrogen) on morphometrics of female mice and ameliorative role of saffron
Bashir Ahmad, Sheetla Chouhan and Vinoy K. Shrivastava

Effect of reused palm oil on biochemical and hematological parameters of mice.
Hussein S. Gumaih

Partitioning of food resources at the intertidal zones between the marble rocky crab, Pachygrapsus maromratus (Grapsidae) and warty crab, Eriphia verrucosa (Eriphiidae) along the Mediterranean Sea coasts, Alexandria, Egypt
Moustafa M. Fouda, Awaad A. M. El-Sayed, Khaled A. El-Damhougy and Ahmed F. Salama

Effect of Ammonia Stress on Blood Constitutes in Nile Tilapia
El-Sayed A. M. Shokr

Heavy Metals (Pb, Fe and Zn) in Fish Due to Water Toxicity
El- Sayed A. M. Shokr

Biometric relationships of the invasive crayfish Procambarus clarkii to the Egyptian freshwater drainage canals
El-Sayed A. A. M., Al-Damhougy Kh. A., Zaakouk S. A. and Amer M. A.

Dietary fluted pumpkin (Telfairiaoccidentalis) improves reproductive indices in male African catfish (Clariasgariepinus) broodstock
Dada A. A. and Ejete-iroh V. C.

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