Vol. 6 Num. 1 2014

Impact of manganese as an important element in pancreatic secretion on diabetes mellitus
Maiada M. Saad, Hala M. Ebaid and Zohour I. Nabil

Investigating the use of Sphaeroma serratum (Crustacea, Isopoda) as bio-indicator for heavy metals pollution in Lake Timsah, Suez Canal using alkaline comet assay technique
Marwa I. Saad El-Din, Yaegashi Sakiko, Saad Z. Mohamed, Mohamed A. Bedir, Iman M. bahgat, Osamu Nishimura

Effects of aqueous extract of Salvia officinalis on some parameters of sperms and histopathological changes in testes of rats treated with Doxorubicin
Khalid Al-Syaad

Redescription of two nematode parasites infecting Reptilia in Qena Governorate
Sohier A. Rabie, Mohey El-din Z. Abd El-Latif, Nadia I. Mohammed and Obaida F. Aboelhussien

Pharmacokinetics of ciprofloxacin in animals
Dibyajyoti Saha and Swati Paul

Incidence of gastrointestinal helminthes in emin’s pouch rat (Cricetomys emini Wroughton) in the semi-arid zones of katsina state
Bawa J. A., Liadi S. and Jabbi A. M.

A study for the influence of mosquitoes saliva on immunity of a laboratory animal (pigeon) to control infectious diseases.
Mahmoud Wahba, Hekmat M. Tantawi, Nagwa E. Mohammed and Mona Henedak

ABO-Rh Blood Groups Distribution among King Khalid University Girls Students: A Prevalence Study
Mohammed A. A. Sarhan, Saad M. Bin-Dajem and Mona A. Al-Mushait

Vitamin-C work as an antidote against bisphenol-A toxicity in freshwater fish Cirrhinus mrigala (Ham.)
Sarita Murmu and Vinoy K. Shrivastava

Global distribution of Genus duttaphrynus
Suman Pratihar, Sandeep Das, Bidhan Chandra Patra, Nirupam Acharyya and Kaushik Deuti

Impact of neem ;Azadiracta indica extract on adrenaline and noradrenaline in rabbits
Masoud A. Farag and Hamdy M.A. Hassanein

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