Vol. 5 Num. 2 2013

Influence of amprolium and toltrazuril on the disposition kinetics of levofloxacin in broiler chickens
El-Banna H. A., El- Hewaity M. H. and Amera Abd El Latif

Effect of fungicide (Rizolex-T50%) on hepatorenal functions in Coturnix coturnix japonica
Eman A. Abdelhady and Fatma M. Elgohry

Preference of some food types and their efficacy as poisoned baits (zinc phosphide) against fruit bat under laboratory conditions
Rizk A. M. and Eissa Y. A.

Effects of food limitation on the life history of Simocephalus expinosus Koch (Cladocera: Daphniidae)
Berrak Hakima, Chakri Khémissa, Samraoui Boudjéma

Modulating Effect of Nigella sativa on Renal Structural Changes by Monosodium Glutamate in Female Mice
Eman A. Moussa and Jawaher A. A. Al Mulhim

Logical control and population density studies on land snails in south district of Port Saied, portsaied Governate,
Awad M. H. M

تأثيرات ھرمون النمو المعدل وراثياً والسالبيوتامول على صفات الدم الكيموحيوية والكفاءة التناسلية في الأرانب
خالد بن مشبب آل صياد ,صالح بن عبد الحميد قنديل ,إبراھيم بن محمد الھزاع

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