Vol. 4 Num. 1 2012

Monosodium Glutamate Toxic Effect on Spleen Structure and Potentiality of Recovery in Adult Albino Rats
Hala M. Ebaid and Hend M. Tag

A survey on parasites infecting mullets from Egypt and Libya
Dayhoum A.H. Al-Bassel and Abdel-Nasser A Hussein

Some factors affecting metacercarial infections in Tilapia zilli from Lake Timsah, Ismailia, Egypt
Ehssan A. Hassan, Maha F.M. Soliman and Abdel Fattah A. Ghobashy

Some factors affecting metacercarial infections in Oreochromis niloticus collected from brackish water, Ismailia, Egypt
Ehssan A. Hassan, Maha F.M. Soliman and Abdel Fattah A. Ghobashy

Sexual Dimorphism in the Shell Shape of the Golden Apple Snail, Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck) Using Geometric Morphometric Analysis
Carlo Stephen Moneva, Mark Anthony J. Torres and Cesar G. Demayo

Describing Scale Shapes of the Male and Female Glossogobius aureus Akihito and Meguro, 1975 from Tumaga River, Zamboanga City, Philippines
Dulce-Amor P. Matondo, Mark Anthony J. Torres, Jessie G. Gorospe and Cesar G. Demayo

Determination of some rheological properties of cow manure using a shear vane
Heman Amiri1, Akbar Arabhosseini, Mohamad Hosein Kianmehr

Natural diet of the moon crab, Ashtoret miersii (Henderson, 1887) collected from the southeast cost of India.
Sartaj Ahmad Allayie, S. Ravichandran, S.Hemalatha, Bilal Ahmad Bhat and RM. Anbuchezhian

The protective effects of ginseng plant extract (ginsana) and garlic powder against the bad effects of lambda-cyhalothrin insecticide on kidneys of female rats
Mouchira M. Mohi-Eldin, Amna M. Mostafa and Aml A. Abd- El kader

Molecular Phylogenetic Relationships of Exemplars of Four Spider Families from Ha’il Region, Northern Saudi Arabia and a Preliminary List of Spiders of Ha’il
Mahmoud M. A. Desouky and Hisham K. El-Hennawy

Effect of Temperature Degrees on the Biology and Life Table Parameters of Tetranychus urticae Koch on Two Pear varieties
Nazeh M. Abd El-Wahed and Ashraf S. El-Halawany

Effects of herbal growth promoter feed additive in fish meal on the performance of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus (L.))
Adekunle Ayokanmi DADA

Spatial Distribution of Uca sindensis (Crustacea, Ocypodidae) along the coast of Pakistan
Noor Us Saher and Naureen Aziz Qureshi

Effects of Schistosoma mansoni infection and Mirazid treatment on pregnant mice and their fetuses
Hala M. Ebaid, Sherifa H. Mahmoud, Farida M. Elsayd

Ecological studies on diversity of Herpetofauna in Asir region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Mostafa Fathy Masood and Ahmed Ali Asiry

Prevalence of Eimeria species of the domestic goats Capra hircus Linnaeus, 1758 in Al-Baha area, Saudi Arabia
Mohamed Moussa Ibrahim

Molecular typing of the fresh water snail Lymnaea arabica, the possible intermediate host of Fasciola hepatica, collected from Saudi Arabia, by RAPDPCR
Saad M. Bin Dajem

Ecological distribution of snakes' fauna of Jazan region of Saudi Arabia
Mostafa Fathy Masood

A forest in a city Biodiversity at Sunut forest, Khartoum, Sudan
Huyam Eltayeb, Eihab Idris, Amal Adam, Tasabeeh Ezaldeen & Dawi Hamed

Effect of temperature and feed rate on the body shape of Oreochromis shiranus, a widely-cultured tilapia species in Malawi
Kassam D, Ssebisubi M. and Likongwe J. S.

Diversity and biomass distribution of intertidal fauna in sonmiani bay (Miani Hor), balochistan (pakistan)
Muhammad Asif Gondal, Noor Us Saher and Naureen Aziz Qureshi

Infestation of Oreochromis niloticus and Tilapia zilli fresh-water fishes with myxosporean parasites, Qena Province, Egypt
N. I. Mohammed, S. A. Rabie, A.-N.A. Hussein and N.M. Hussein

Preliminary studies on evolutionary of genetic markers in the salmonid species
Abolhasan Rezaei

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