Vol. 2 Num. 2 2010

Efficacy of Olive Oil Diet on the Histopathological Changes induced in Hypercholesterolemic Rat
Al-Rawi M.1 and Ali A.2

Review Article: Does kombucha tea attenuate the hepato-nepherotoxicity induced by a certain environmental pollutant?
Ola Ali Gharib

Immune responses in the microenvironment of a metastatic 4T1 mouse model
Shalini S. Kumar1; Radhakrishnan A. K.1; Cheong S. K.2

Some herbs reduce the hight of blood sugar, blood cholesterol in alloxan- diabetic rats.
Iman Abdulhadi M. AL-Blooni

Hurghada coral diseases; are they due to the impacts of global warming or mass tourism?
Hany, A. Abdel-Salam1; Abdel-Hamid, A. M Ali2 and Amin, R. M. Ismail1

The Effects of Sewage Discharge on The Marine Gastropod Gibbula sp., Collected From The Coast of Al-Hanyaa, Libya.
Ramadan A. S. Ali1 and Ahmed .S. Bream2

The Effects of Atrazine on Levels of Pituitary–testis Hormones in Adult Male Rat
Mokhtar Mokhtari , Esfandiar Sharifi and Amrola Soltani

Taxonomy and description of the female Candonocypris novaezelandiae (Baird, 1843) (Crustacea: Ostracoda) from River Nile, Sohag Governorate, Egypt.
Ebtesam A. Yousef

Developing a community of thinking in biological sciences
Penny Singh

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